VT-1 Modular Dynamometer - bike, mobile

Chassis dyno designed for the measurement of power and torque in motorcycles. The standard version is a mobile model, allowing for the transport of the device. A variable gap of the front wheel mounting ensures the adjustment of the dyno practically for all-wheel spaces of a motorcycle. There is a possibility of version also allowing the measurements of quads.

£8 550
VT-1 Modular Dynamometer

Technical data

Type inertial
Size (L x W) [mm] 2500 x 1200
Max/min wheelbase [mm] 1850/1000 [1]
Max weight per axle [kg] 500
Number of axles 1
Vmax [km/h] 300
Test mode inertial
Pmax [KM] 250
Power measurement accuracy [%] 0.1
Power supply (without cooling and exhaust fans) min. AC 230V
Additional accessories turbo pressure sensor, AFR sensor, cooling fan, exhaust fan, exhaust pipes
[1] Bigger wheelbase available, requires individual approach