VT-4 Modular Dynamometer

Two axle dyno, designed for cars with one or two driven axles. It allows for the measurement of power and torque in the inertial mode.

The dyno is normally equipped with a mechanical system of axle synchronisation, enabling the measurement of the most modern cars, with an active central differential or with advanced traction control. A possibility a of further upgrade to the braked version. The dyno is offered in a standalone version or pit version.

£42 660
VT-4 Modular Dynamometer

Technical data

Type inertial, synchronized [1]
Size (L x W) [mm] 5500 x 3800 [2]
Max/min wheelbase [mm] 3300/2300
Max/min track [mm] 2200/900
Minimum tyre diameter [mm] 400
Max weight per axle [kg] 3000
Number of axles 2
Brakes upgradeable
Vmax [km/h] 300
Test mode inertial
Pmax [KM] 450 [3]
Power measurement accuracy [%] 0.1
Power supply (without cooling and exhaust fans) min. AC 400V / 16A
Required compressed air min. 6 bar
Basic composition in-pit / surface-mounted
Additional accessories turbo pressure sensor, AFR sensor, cooling fan, exhaust fan, exhaust pipes, OBD/CAN interface for live data acquisition
[1] Mechanical connection between front and rear axles (synchronization) gives you an opportunity to measure modern AWD cars equipped with high tech systems controlling torque distribution between front and rear wheels, also 2WD cars equipped with advanced traction control system in which all the wheels must rotate in equal speed (otherwise car ECU will not be able to measure the car).
[2] 4600x3800 in surface-mounted version.
[3] Maximum power depends on engine torque characteristic and engine rotations. Cars with higher engine power can be measured with lower accuracy.