VT-2 Modular Dynamometer

The basic model in our offer. One-axle dyno, allowing for the measurement of power and torque in the inertial mode. A possibility of a further upgrade to the braked version. The dyno is offered in mobile or pit version.

(expandable to 4wd)

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VT-2 Modular Dynamometer

The VT – 2 Modular Dynamometer is a basic but very capable machine and the ideal rolling road for a wealth of tuning applications. This one-axle dyno allows for the measurement of power and torque and makes a popular option in a cost-conscious workshop setting. Perfect for the automotive tuning sector, this classy chassis dyno enables technicians to perform a range of tests, without ever having to leave the comfort of the workshop. You can establish real-time load conditions and take accurate power and torque measurements through the rollers of this high-quality car dyno.

Features include inertial test modes, mobile or pit versions, and the possibility to upgrade to a braked version if you like. With a wealth of additional accessories available, including turbo pressure sensors and cooling fans, you can customise the VT-2 dyno machine to suit your workshop and your budget, and make it work for you.

The VT-2 Modular Dynamometer is fully upgradeable

Buy this model, and you can add to the VT-2 dyno when you like and take advantage of the many accessories that are available. This version is especially popular with autogas installers and makes the perfect equipment to simulate a variety of conditions and loads, using accessories such as:

  • Turbo Pressure Sensor
  • AFR Sensor
  • Cooling Fan
  • Exhaust Fan
  • Exhaust Pipes
  • OBD/CAN Interface for Live Data Acquisition
  • Expandable to 4WD

Technical data

Type inertial
Size (L x W) [mm] 1200 x 3300
Max/min track [mm] 2200/900
Minimum tyre diameter [mm] 400
Max weight per axle [kg] 3000
Number of axles 1
Brakes upgradeable
Vmax [km/h] 300
Test mode inertial
Pmax [KM] 450 [1]
Power measurement accuracy [%] 0.1
Power supply (without cooling and exhaust fans) min. AC 230V
Required compressed air min. 6 bar
Basic composition in-pit / mobile
Additional accessories turbo pressure sensor, AFR sensor, cooling fan, exhaust fan, exhaust pipes, OBD/CAN interface for live data acquisition

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[1] Cars with higher engine power can be measured with lower accuracy. Maximum power depends on engine torque characteristic and engine rotations.