VT-2/B2 Modular Dynamometer

One axle dyno. It has the same measuring modes as VT-2/B1, but it is equipped with two eddy current brakes with maximum braking torque 2000 Nm - thanks to that we have the possibility of measuring cars up to 1250 HP. The dyno is offered in mobile version or pit version.

(expandable to 4wd)

£26 990
VT-2/B2 Modular Dynamometer

Technical data

Type braked
Size (L x W) [mm] 1200 x 3300
Max/min track [mm] 2200/900
Minimum tyre diameter [mm] 400
Max weight per axle [kg] 3000
Number of axles 1
Brakes 2 x eddy current brake
Vmax [km/h] 300
Test mode inertial, dynamic load, constant RPM, road test
Pmax [HP] - internal mode 450 [1]
Pmax [HP] - dynamic load and road test modes 1250 [1]
Pmax [HP] - constant RPM mode (power on wheels) 540 [2]
Power measurement accuracy, inertial mode [%] 0.1
Power measurement accuracy, braked mode [%] 1
Power supply (without cooling and exhaust fans) min. AC 400V / 32A
Required compressed air min. 6 bar
Basic composition in-pit / mobile
Additional accessories turbo pressure sensor, AFR sensor, cooling fan, exhaust fan, exhaust pipes, OBD/CAN interface for live data acquisition
[1] Maximum power depends on engine torque characteristic and engine rotations. Cars with higher engine power can be measured with lower accuracy.
[2] Maximum power depends on eddy current brake rotations.